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Broomball in South Australia

Broomball is a sport best described as being similar to field hockey, but on ice, with the strategy and game play of ice hockey. There are 5 field players plus a goalie and up to 14 substitutes, although 5 is normal. Players wear shoes with soft rubber soles for traction on the ice and they use a wooden or metal broom (stick) approximately 1.35m long, which has a triangular rubber or plastic head. The aim of the game is to score goals using a synthetic orange ball approximately the size of a European handball. Teams are composed of men and women, there is no checking (as in ice hockey), games consist of two 20 minute halves. Broomball is great for fitness and challenging for any skill level.

No skating skill is required and beginners are always welcome.

Broomball is played around Australia and Overseas, having originated in Canada where the sport is played semi-professionally. The Australian National Broomball Championships are held every year and World Championships every two years. Broomball is soon to become a Winter Olympic demonstration sport as momentum gathers for unification of associations around the world under an International Federation.

Broomball began in South Australia in 1981 with two teams at the old Payneham Ice Rink, the association was incorporated in 1982, and gradually expanded up to four teams. The association moved to its current home at the IceArena (formerly Snowdome/Mt Thebarton) and has expanded to seven teams.

The association was instrumental in establishing the annual National Championships with ACTBA and later to bring in NSW and QLD as new leagues formed in those states. Members of our association have represented Australia at the World Championships and were a part of the bronze medal winning mixed team in 2000.

Broomball is played weekly at the IceArena on a Tuesday night. Commencing year round at 7:15pm. We run two seasons annually (Summer & Winter), with competition available in the Mixed (Co-ed) league. All players and spectators are welcome. We have also recently started a Casual Broomball league with modified rules, which runs every Sunday from 4:15pm - 6:15pm.

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