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  • 2013 Australian Broomball Championships Promo Flyer (pdf)
  • BASA Special Accident or Incident Report (pdf) or (doc)
  • Ice Arena Rules - Players & Officials
  • BASA Captains Pack 2009 Winter - Captains Information Pack for Winter 2009.
  • BASA Promotional Flyer #6 - A flyer to promote Broomball to students. With contacts details. Come and try for free.
  • BASA Business Card template - Business card template for BASA members.
  • BASA Promotional Flyer #5 - A flyer to promote Broomball in SA. Come and try Broomball.
  • BASA Promotional Flyer #4 - A flyer to promote Broomball in SA. A useful extra flyer with tear offs. Please print and post it with Flyer #3.
  • BASA Delegates Meeting Notes - Notes from the team Delegates meeting, held on 18 Dec 2007.
  • BASA Promotional Flyer #3 - A flyer to promote Broomball in SA. Please print and post it in your work place, local pub, nursing home...
  • Broomball mouse cursors - A broomball stick pointer replacement cursor (original). A goal net with rebounding ball. Also now includes a seperate Forest Ice and D-Gel stick, with No DGel and No Forest Ice cursors, no Ice hockey and a rotating globe too.
  • League Match Sheets - 6 Team - Auto creation of the match sheets for each round. A Word for Windows template, that produces match sheets with players names already typed in. Particularly useful for tournaments where teams have registered their players. Can be used on a weekly basis for a small league. It would take a bit of work to modify this for a large league, but it's not beyond someone with reasonable Word programming skills. It does require some knowledge of Word (basic skills only) to edit the file correctly.
  • Small Tournament Statistics Sheet - Track the stats for players and teams for a small tournament. Excel spreadsheet for recording the match scores and team results for a small tournament. It can be extended with very little work to cover a larger tournament with a larger number of teams and divisions. (This sheet has 2 divisions and 6 teams in each).
  • A Broomball Cartoon - "The Game" - Drawn by Brian Plush. A Cartoon Broomballer madly charging after the ball.
  • - A Sponsorship Proposal for potential sponsors of the Australian Broomball Team attending the 2006 World Broomball Championships in St Paul, Minnesota.
  • Ice Factor Spectacular - The Ice Factor Spectacular is a spectacular fashion parade featuring young people who are modelling as a life skills exercise and to raise funds for the Ice Factor (7th Sep 2006).

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